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ST fic: Kirk/Sulu Noir AU

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[personal profile] re_white prompted me, "Kirk/Sulu, noiresque private detective au." It was supposed to be for a three-sentence meme but I really love writing noir. @u@

Kirk+Sulu+Uhura, 744 words, PG, warning for smoking and gunsCollapse )

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traf run
A li'l ficlet written for tumblr user warpfactornope. It's technically part of my brand shiny new ST fic series, but the context isn't necessary for this so shh, I'll tell you later. ^^

Negotiated Hand-Holding (554 words, PG, K/S/U)Collapse )

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Jun. 22nd, 2013

traf run
I'm really sad I never got around to writing the section of Rambleverse where The Ex was hanging out at the Academy as Pike's XO because there were oodles of shenanigans.

*sheds a tear for unborn drabbles*

I'm just gonna start dumping them here. Okay? okay.

The basic setup is that Haprin and Pike's offices are next to each other, connected by the anteroom where Luke (the yeoman) had his desk, and Pike and Haprin also had intercoms on their desks because THE FUTURE and also Pike's too lazy to get up every time and Haprin gets tired of shouty conversations.

right so yeah

One day Kirk ambles in and, idk, makes a wrong turn or is being nosy about Bones' Tragic Backstory so he ends up in Haprin's office instead.

He stands in front of her desk, grinning, maybe even spewing some ~charming Kirkian dialogue, and Haprin barely glances up. She clicks the intercom and says, "Captain. Get your mini-me out of my office."

After a moment, Jim hears a sharp "c'mere, boy!" whistle from the other room.

Whether or not he heels immediately is up to you. ^^

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Jun. 5th, 2013

traf run
so I finally saw Star Trek: Into Darkness and I'm mostly tag blathering about it on my tumblr

no particular Grand Thoughts but i am very pleased that [spoilers] the premise of Rambleverse was vindicated! Papa Pike was in grand form this movie dang.

just cross-posting a little ficlet before i disappear back into the blue blogging ether:

[original on tumblr]

okay so what if kirk gets turned into a cat on a mission (SHUT UP IT’S A TROPE I DO WHAT I WANT) and enterprise brings him back to earth all hush-hush and spock carries him into headquarters in a swank “specimen box” (bones put a soft towel in there thx bones such a good friend) and spock puts it on pike’s desk and explains the situation and pike just like

rests his chin on his fist

stares at the carrier for a really long time

(kirk stands at attention as much as he is able. it’s not as difficult as you’d think for a cat but nonetheless his tail fidgets revealingly)

and finally pike says,

“should we get him some kibble?”

kirk merps indignantly but tbh he is kinda hungry

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Rambleverse not!fic: Joanna Banana

traf run
This is typed up from notes and cleaned up a smidgen. Takes place during Jim's first year at the Academy (or second year, depending on when The Ex was supposed to come in as The XO. I forget what I'd worked out for the timeline. SOZ.)

Pike convinces Joanna that her middle name is 'Banana.'Collapse )

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Jan. 15th, 2013

traf run
I'm in the process of typing up a bunch of snippets, chunks of dialogue, and story notes from my hardback Rambleverse book (as opposed to my spiral notebook, which I think I mined pretty good already? but I'll have to check.)

Are you guys interested in notfic for Rambleverse? Anything you're particularly interested in?

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Okay no, not really. This post is not going to be at all that involved.

I wanna spend more time on Dreamwidth (and, for the moment, still cross-posting to LJ.) I dipped into SPN fandom for a while and, although I have a LOT of material for the gleanerfic (and, more broadly, the Attestation 'Verse which it is a part of) I'm taking a break for it to go back to The Story of Chu Nu Li (which, if you remember, I was SUPPOSED to be working on exclusively before I got distracted by SPN getting finally put on Netflix Instant Play.)

(and now I'm getting distracted by The West Wing WHICH IS ON INSTANT PLAY NOW WOW YAY but that's mostly for soul-soothing entertainment. There aren't enough fantastical shenanigans and I don't know enough about politics to write for it so phew. Dodged a bullet there.)

Right, so anyway, the plan right now is to do Chapter Five of Chu Nu Li (link to DW masterpost; flocked) and then maybe I'll come back for Chapter Five of the gleanerfic (link to Gleaner of Souls on AO3 because I uh. Forgot to post chp. 4 on here. SORRY KEL. If you want to read it here let me know and I'll put it up!)

There are a few things from Rambleverse I wanna finish up (yeah I've been saying that for a while) but mainly 1) I need to revise the social justice fic, 2) I have some notfic in the works for Re to the tune of spicy-sweet Kirk/Uhura/Spock and 3) there's a fair amount that overlaps with BPoBD--namely, Pikefamily shenanigans and all Haprin all the time--and I wanna get some drafts in the works for that (besides Chu Nu Li, which is BPoBD.)

ALSO: Rambleverse is open season for notfic requests or prompts--I had a lot of plans that I never put into motion and I wouldn't mind blathering about them to interested parties.

How've you guys been?

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traf run
this fucking chapter i swear to god

Hopefully this will be the last revision. I really need to get some feedback. I don't know if this is too opaque, dull, confusing, etc.

Act 1
Act 2, scene 1

2.2 REVISED, 2,200+ words. OFC + cherub with mention of YEDCollapse )

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traf run
Part one is here.

This is labeled as 2.1 because Part 2 ended up being broken up in several sections as I was writing it. I know the decimal numbering is confusing; when this is finished and goes up on AO3, these will be all separate chapters. But for now, I have the parts demarcated like this for plotting reasons. I guess think of it as Act 2, Part 1?

2.2 is nearly finished and will be up before the end up the week; 2.3 is about halfway done. Then it's on to 3.1, which I haven't done much on yet, so it'll take a while.

Gleaner of Souls 2.1, 887 words, PGCollapse )

Part 2.2 is now up

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traf run
Because I have no assurance that any of my posts will be preserved due to the bizarre glitches of Tumblr.

This isn't meta so much as personal reflection on why I wrote certain themes into Rambleverse. Specifically, Jim's sexual misbehavior.

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